Iowa. Yes, there will be sports betting in Iowa this fall.

UPDATE: Iowa sports betting went live August 15, 2019. Find and compare Iowa sportsbooks here.

We understand the state of Iowa is sometimes overlooked. It sits in the middle of the country. Has lots of corn farms. Doesn't have a professional sports team. Has a city we often call "Dez Moinz" (it's pronounced "duh MOYN" people). But Iowa has been making news in one area that is particularly interesting to us — legal sports betting.

Let's dive into this midwestern wonderland for some analysis of Iowa sports betting.

Sports betting was legalized in Iowa on May 13th and the law went into effect July 1st. It allows betting in casinos, both onsite and online. Initially you will have to register at a casino, but only for the first 18 months. Iowa allows betting on college sports, but does not allow in-game prop bets (eg, how many points a player will score). Check out our Sports Betting Law Breakdown to see how Iowa compares to other states.

Rules are almost in place and will be finalized on July 30th. The first legal sports bet in Iowa will take place on August 15th.

Ok, So Where Will You Be Able to Bet Exactly?
Iowa has 19 casinos across the state. You will probably be able to make sports bets at any one of them. Additionally, the law allows for daily fantasy betting via sites like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Several casinos have been building out their sportsbooks for a few months now. Also interesting, casinos have begun partnering with third party companies to provide the bookmaking service, apps, etc. Here are the partnerships that we could find:

  • Catfish Bend Casino – PointsBet
  • Diamond Joe Casino Dubuque – FanDuel
  • Diamond Joe Worth Casino – FanDuel
  • Grand Falls – Betfred
  • Horseshoe Casino – Bally Gaming
  • Isle Casino Bettendorf – William Hill
  • Isle Casino Waterloo – William Hill
  • Prairie Meadows Casino and Hotel – William Hill
  • Rhythm City Casino Resort – Betfred
  • Riverside Casino & Golf Resort – Betfred

Let us know if you know of others, and we will add them. We can kinda assume Harrah's will also be Bally/Caesars, but we are waiting on an official report, as well as official branding they will use.

BETMAPS Breakdown
We are looking forward to legal sports betting in Iowa. It is going to be a competitive market with several options for sports bettors to bet both onsite and online. Iowa borders seven states, only one of which will have legal sports betting any time soon. This is going to put Iowa on the map as a regional travel destination for sports betting. Quotes in an article on Iowa sports bettors pretty much sums up the excitement:

"It's going to be a party. We can watch a game, have some chicken wings, a beer...and win money."

At BETMAPS we would love to see further expansion to sports bars, restaurants, and taverns in Iowa. Don't get us wrong, 19 casinos competing both online and physically is an excellent start. And online sports betting will definitely take a strong foothold within the state. But don't count out those looking for an offline, IRL experience.

"Some betters said that the casino will always beat the digital outlet. 'Sit down and enjoy watching sports while I've got money on it and going and being around everybody, also enjoying doing the same thing I am. It's a great time.' [Iowa resident Ricky] Kojdecki said."

BETMAPS will keep you posted on Iowa sports betting, as well as legal sports betting around the country.

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