Chicago Area Sports Betting Scene: Day 2

The other day we wrote about a sportsbook in the Chicago area that is perfect for business travelers and those wanting to hit up a traditional sportsbook to watch and wager on a game. But what about Chicago locals that want to take in a game somewhere in the city where sports betting rollout is a few months away? We explore one option that seems to be a winner!

Fill ‘Er Up and Put 20 on Da Bears

Sports betting is legal in Illinois, but they are still finalizing the rules and haven’t begun issuing licenses yet. No worries, fifteen miles and a toll road and you are in Indiana. Chicago locals close to the border have already been crossing over to Indiana to buy gas. Taxes on gas are much higher in Illinois so there is a decent savings when buying gas in Indiana. It’s reasonable to think folks are driving over for gas, placing their sports bets using one of the Indiana online sportsbooks, then heading home or to a Chicago sports bar to watch the game.

Indiana Smokestack

Sure, Why Not?

We needed some gas anyway, so we gave it a shot. We already rented a car for our trip deep into Indiana to check out FanDuel Sportsbook at Blue Chip Casino. So on our way back we filled up on some gas and placed a bet with BetRivers Online Sportsbook.

Betting with BetRivers

BetRivers is Indiana’s first online sportsbook and is one of our featured venues. So, we easily accessed the BetRivers mobile site via the home page. We set up an account using our name, email, address, phone number, and last 4 of our social. When clicking on “deposit” we were prompted to download an app called GeoGuard. It was easy to use. Make sure you turn off your phone’s VPN if you have one. From there, the app walks you through two easy steps:

1. Grant GeoGuard permission to track location by switching location services to “always on” in your phone’s settings.

2. Allow push notifications from the app.

Once you are finished using the site, feel free to switch these back off and restart your VPN.

Cash is Still King, Right?

Back on the BetRivers site I wanted to test the “Pay Near Me” feature instead of the traditional method of linking my bank account. We were near a CVS so I selected that location and activated the “Pay Near Me” feature. A barcode appeared on my phone with some instructions. Inside CVS they scanned that code, I handed them 25 dollars, and within minutes the money was in my account. You can deposit up to 500 dollars this way. I’d probably use my bank in the future, but it was fun to explore this option. If you get lucky you can also collect your winnings this way.

Parlay Away

Now for the fun part. I enjoy three-leg parlays. Betting one was as easy as selecting three bets, choosing how much to wager (always 25 for me), and hitting “place bet”. I went with 1.) Panthers +10 vs the Saints, 2.) Lions -1.5 vs the Redskins, and 3.) the Seahawks +1 vs the Eagles.

Take the Money and Run

This bet turned out to be a loser, but one feature I noticed that was not a loser was the “Cash Out” option. I was not aware of these options prior to using the BetRivers site. Say you hit several legs of a parlay and have one last bet that needs to hit. You could cash out early and save yourself the trauma of sweating out that one final game. Think “Deal or No Deal” if you are familiar with that show. You get less, based on the odds of what you already hit, but you won’t end up with nothing.

So there you have it, another one of our Chicago area sports betting adventures. Hope you enjoyed it. Check out Day 1 and Day 3 of our trip for more reviews of the Chicago area sports betting scene. 


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