BETMAPS Launches the First Sports Betting Social Directory

BetMaps, Inc. was started by an unconventional group of sports fans and less-than amateur sports bettors who saw a need in the market and banded together against all odds to shake things up.

United States, September 4, 2019 ( - ​BetMaps, Inc. proudly announces the launch of the BETMAPS website and mobile app. BETMAPS is a place where sports fans, interested in legal sports betting, can find and compare nearby sportsbooks. With BETMAPS, users can read reviews, compare features, find events and specials, and connect with sportsbooks directly.

Sports betting is now legal in 18 states plus Washington, DC. Mobile betting has led the sports betting scene, with up to 85% of bets placed online. That's great news for the industry. But for some, online betting lacks that loud, exciting, and social element which only a raucous sportsbook can provide.

To attract a new generation of sports fans, sportsbooks have built up their offerings. With their "man-cave" style furniture, pool tables, bar games, and huge walls of ultra-high-definition TVs, today's sportsbooks have a lot to offer patrons. Other venues like sports bars, taverns, and stadiums are chomping at the bit to run their own sports betting operation. Each venue has something different to offer. However, one thing is clear: for a consumer, sorting through the different options is a tough task.

"Through our platform, users can easily search for that perfect place. They can find a spot to make a bet, watch a game, soak up the atmosphere, and hopefully bring home a W," said BetMaps, Inc. CEO and Founder Isaac Khan. "We do the work, so they can focus on enjoying the game."

Khan, a pharmacist by trade, gained valuable experience when he started a successful consulting business. An amateur sports bettor at best, Khan saw a growing industry in need of a platform. The opportunity to shake things up was too hard to pass up. So Khan banded together with a few fellow sports fans to change the way consumers choose where to bet on sports. The BETMAPS team are professionals from diverse fields including law, finance, politics, and IT. After many long nights and early morning meetings across tables at sparsely-populated coffee shops and sports bars, BETMAPS has launched a game-changing platform.

Khan concluded, "We are in the early stages of legal sports betting, what better time than now to jump in. We'll grow and adapt with this space and provide long-term value to our users."

BETMAPS connects sports betting customers with local sports betting venues. We aim to be the premier platform for all things sports betting at the local level. BETMAPS provides a safe, fun, and social experience for our users. We support small businesses, local economies, and initiatives that enhance the safety and value of legal sports betting. Learn more at

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